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Apollo is a well designed Tailwind CSS Banking dashboard template that will help you jumpstart your development project seamlessly.

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Built with

Although it is an HTML template, Apollo relies on powerful stacks like Alpine JS v3.x and Tailwind as a CSS implementation, making you able to build beautiful apps.



Alpine JS

Version 3.x

Tailwind CSS

Version 3.x

Vite JS

Version 3.x


Apollo ships with a lot of features to make your developer and customer experiences as nice as possible, without the hassle and unecessary effort.

Modern UI

A clean, well designed and well integrated UI for your app.

Clean code

A clean code structure is there to help you with your workflow.

Easy Theming

Apollo uses native Tailwind colors and makes theming super easy.

Native dark mode

Apollo ships with a great native dark mode out of the box.

RTL support

Apollo supports RTL based layouts, just switch the stylesheet.

GitHub access

We grant you access to the private GitHub repo for live updates.

Lifetime updates

You're entitled to receive lifetime updates for this product.


An extensive documentation helps you setting up everything.


A dedicated customer support portal to post your requests.

Demo Pages

Apollo ships with 13 superb demo pages to help you get started as fast as possible, and build an outstanding and memorable project.


You probably already have a lot of questions. You can open a support ticket, or read some answers to the most common questions asked by our customers.

What is the difference between your licenses?

The main difference between our licenses is the number and type of projects that you can build with our templates. There are also some special perks that come with upper licenses. The starter license allows you to build a single project with limited support from the discord community. However, if you are a professional developer or a freelancer, you might consider purchasing a developer license , granting you access to the Github repository, and allowing you to build SaaS projects, or the business license , which allows unlimited projects, building complex SaaS products and access to private member areas and special sales.

What about licensing and SaaS projects?

Unlike other platforms, it doesn't matter to us if your customers will need to pay to get access to your product. You can build SaaS products with our templates starting from the developer license and the business license . Take the time to check each license for details about usage.

What about theme customization?

Theme customization is not part of our regular services and therefore not included in a product purchase. If you need customization services, feel free to reach us and make sure to send us your requirements so we can issue a quote for you or your company.

What about the support scope?

Our support guidelines are very clear. We only support what is directly related to the template UI. Anything else remains optional. We do not support 3rd party plugins as well though we can provide some guidance on how to use them best, but not on how to implement them or fix your own implementation.

Can I have a refund if Iam not happy?

If the product doesn't suit your needs you can always ask us to get a refund under 14 days after product purchase. After, that delay you won't be eligible for a refund anymore. Refund requests should always explain why you are returning the product.

Ready to dive in?

Forget about the hassle, about spaghetti sauce template code and start working with a clean and professional UI template.

Apollo Mockup